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Wednesday, October 4, 2006
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I am having some rather strange problems with DasBlog and embedded images that are not not showing up in IE.

The issue crops up when I try to embed an image in a blog posting: An example is @

If you view the above posting in Firefox, there are no issues and you can see the image just fine. If you view it in an RSS reader, you have no issues either. But if you view the blog entry in IE, the image simply does not show up! It is there (you can right click and do a Save picture as..), but it is simply invisible.

At first I thought that the issue was with some ACLs on my \content and \content\binary directory tree. But that is not the case. Hey, I got the awesome Orcsweb as my hosting provider, so if they tell me that the ACLs are properly applied, it is so! Then I thought the issue was with the theme that I was using. But I am having the same problem when I switch to the default DasBlog theme as well. Am a bit frustrated at this point. Anyone running DasBlog run into this issue before?

UPDATE (Oct 5, 2006): Thanks to all the folks who provided suggestions. It was indeed a CSS issue and it has now been resolved!

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