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Tuesday, November 9, 2004
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.... is that you become very engaged at work. And this is a good thing!

These days I am focusing a great deal on Collaboration (Both real-time and asynchronous), Business Process Management, Service Oriented Systems implemented via web services and more, all within a framework that has very high security needs.

On top of that I am also Blogging internally, which on some levels draws in some of the energy that I used to spend on Blogging externally.  I could blog to my external blog from work and I know that my employer would not have any issues with it (yup, we've talked about it).  But I've made a conscious decision to NOT blog to my personal blog from work simply to separate my work voice from my personal voice.  Which means going forward I have to make a more conscious effort to put more of a balance between Blogging at work and Blogging at home.

But, I do like going to work... :-)



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