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Saturday, November 26, 2005
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I currently have a Tivo on my home network.  Beyond the time shifting capabilities, some of the things that the Home Media Option (HMO) enabled Tivo gives me is ability to is:

  • Play my MP3 collection through my home theater system
  • View my digital photos, which are stored on my network, through my TV
  • Web based scheduling of shows
  • Ability to transfer my recordings to a Computer

But at the same time, I have found the official Tivo To Go software to be pretty limited. I have in the past used a program called Java HMO but recently upgraded to the next version called Galleon by Leon Nicholls.  This has got to be the coolest, and FREE, program for the Tivo! Take a look at the capabilities:

  • Play MP3 files using the builtin player or with your favorite Winamp skins.
  • View your photo collection using many slideshow effects and background music.
  • View interesting information about each MP3 file such as album covers, lyrics and web images of your favorite artists.
  • Listen to online streaming radio stations including Shoutcast stations.
  • Organize your media files in many flexible ways.
  • Play your favorite playlists including iTunes playlists or dynamically create playlists.
  • View local weather forecasts and alerts.
  • View internet webcams.
  • Read your email.
  • Read your favorite RSS feeds.
  • Automatically download recordings from your TiVo using keywords.
  • Automatically download your favorite podcasts.
  • View local movie listings.
  • Copy video files from your PC to your TiVo using GoBack.
  • View Internet Slideshows.
  • View online Videocasts.
  • View upcoming events in your area.
  • View traffic conditions in your area.
  • Change the look-and-feel of Galleon by using your own skins.

There is a lot of functionality incorporated into the program. For example, when a song is playing, it will automatically download and display the album art using Amazon web services. And you also have the ability to download and view the current song’s lyrics using the XML API at

Beyond the capabilities of the program, one of the things that I have been impressed with is the professional polish that exists around the documentation, which includes demos and screen cast tutorials. If you have a Tivo, I would highly recommend checking this program out at

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