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Wednesday, January 3, 2007
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The latest edition of Thomas Erl's [Editor] SOA Magazine is out.

Implications of SOA on Business Strategy and Organizational Design

The need to somehow change the way we do business as a prerequisite to unlocking the transformative potential (and resulting competitive advantage) inherent in technological innovation is becoming increasingly recognized. The scope of discussion this time around however moves beyond organizational efficiencies to whole of market efficiencies, and the strategic implications this has in terms of planning and organizational design. Many business leaders have grown progressively indignant towards the over-sold and under-delivered powers of technology to effect their bottom line - these, the same people who are responsible for setting strategic direction, business planning, and capital investment. This is the first in a series of articles targeting the business community. It explores the implications of SOA on strategic planning and organizational design - from a business perspective.

Commercializing Services: Web Services Distribution Channels and SOA

Exposing web services to the outside world is much more complex than creating and maintaining services geared towards internal consumption. While internally focused projects have their technical challenges, outwardly focused web services initiatives bring to the fore a whole host of non-IT related issues such as business strategy and marketing. Those who proceed with such projects with the same mindset that made their internal projects successful run a significant risk of failing. Web services initiatives aimed at serving the needs of non-captive customers and partners are akin in effort to that of creating a new business channel and not merely a systems integration project. In order be successful in these efforts, you must clearly understand your organization's objectives, your customer's needs and the Web Services Distribution Ecosystem...

AJAX: Bringing SOA to the Front Lines

A service-oriented architecture (SOA) can provide enterprises with significant benefits, including the ability to reuse application functionality and to interconnect heterogeneous applications to create new composite ones. However, a critical component to the realization of SOA benefits is that users throughout the extended enterprise can efficiently access and interact with key resources. Otherwise you cannot fully leverage your infrastructure investment. Using AJAX rich internet applications (RIAs) as the presentation tier, however, can significantly enhance the impact of SOA. This article explains how companies can link their employees, customers and partners, with a scalable, flexible interface to efficiently interact with service-oriented resources.

Always an an interesting read.

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