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Saturday, December 3, 2005
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I had the opportunity to try out Fog Creek CoPilot to help out a family member set up a new computer today. I had read about it on Joel Spolky’s weblog some time ago, and given that this was a new laptop that was being set up, decided that this would be a good opportunity to try it out.

I was able to get access to my relative’s desktop with a minimum of fuss and do everything I needed to do (Verify Firewall settings, set up Windows Update, install Anti-Virus software, configure the e-mail software) with relatively good performance right from my desktop. I am sure that it did help that both myself and my relative have a high speed connection. I also took the opportunity to configure Microsoft Messenger and verify and do a walk through of its remote assistance capability for any future “Help Desk” calls.

It was altogether a very pleasant experience and the software worked as advertised. Highly recommended for those friend and family help desk situations!

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