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Friday, June 29, 2007
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Today was a good day!

Gave my presentation today and got some incredibly good engagement and feedback on it which I need to follow-up on. It appears that a lot of folks share the trials and tribulations that we are going through as we are deploying our SOA environment, so sharing the information on how best we are accomplishing what we need to do and some of the best practices we have identified definitely opened up a floodgate of ideas for possible collaboration, which was exactly what we were hoping for!

The sessions as usual were outstanding and I ended up in the evening having some intense and wide ranging conversations with both Anne Thomas Manes as well as Jonathan Chaitt from Disney. Anne is the SOA track lead for Catalyst conference and really did a great job of putting together a great selection of folks (Burton, End Users, Vendors, Independents) while keeping it all real.  I also really enjoyed chatting with the Disney folks. They are doing some really fine work in the area of fine grained authorization and are folks I hope to keep in touch with. 

Also attended both an OASIS XACML Interop event as well as a WS-I Basic Security Profile Interop Session which really opens up some possibilities for some of the things that we are considering.

All in all an excellent day topped by some an awesome personally guided walking tour of downtown SF (Some amazingly beautiful buildings out here) by a rather remarkable gentleman that I met the last time I was out here who just so happens is a former SF resident.

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