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Saturday, April 7, 2007
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I recently came across this resource from Sun. According to the web site:

This tutorial explains how to develop web applications using the Web Service Interoperability Technologies (WSIT). The tutorial describes how, when, and why to use the WSIT technologies and also describes the features and options that each technology supports.

WSIT, developed by Sun Microsystems, implements several new web services technologies including Security Policy, WS-Trust, WS-SecureConversation, Reliable Messaging, Data Binding, Atomic Transactions, and Optimization. WSIT was also tested in a joint effort by Sun Microsystems, Inc. and Microsoft with the expressed goal of ensuring interoperability between web services applications developed using either WSIT and the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) product.


The Web Services Interoperability Technology Tutorial addresses the following technology areas:

  • Bootstrapping and Configuration
  • Message Optimization
  • Reliable Messaging (WS-RM)
  • Web Services Security 1.1 (WS-Security)
  • Web Services Trust (WS-Trust)
  • Web Services Secure Conversation (WS-Secure Conversation)
  • Data Contracts
  • Atomic Transactions (WS-AT)

This looks to be a rather good resource to learn about Web Service Interoperability between Sun and Microsoft stacks using some of the advanced WS-* standards and specifications.  The highlight above regarding the joint Sun/Microsoft testing is mine. Worth checking out.

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