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Sunday, September 7, 2008
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Notes from an on-going online discussion to self, for use as a reference and for discussion:

"SOA is an architectural style, and an architectural style is a set of principles. Gartner has enumerated five principles that constrain SOA:

  • modular
  • distributable
  • described
  • sharable
  • loosely coupled

To the degree a system exhibits all five, the more it qualifies as representing the SOA style"

- Nick Gall, Gartner

"SOA Principles of Service Design:

  • Service Contracts
  • Service Coupling
  • Service Abstraction
  • Service Reusability
  • Service Autonomy
  • Service Statelessness
  • Service Discoverability
  • Service Composability"

- Thomas Erl, SOA Principles of Service Design

"From my perspective, the overarching principle governing SOA is separation of concerns. This principle helps you determine how to factor functionality into services. Thomas Erl discusses service factoring and granularity in the SOA Fundamentals section of his book rather than treating SoC as a principle"

- Anne Thomas Manes, Burton Group

"The 4 tenets of Indigo as defined by Don Box, which has now been morphed into the Microsoft tenets of SOA:

  • Boundaries are explicit
  • Services are autonomous
  • Services share schema and contract, not class
  • Service compatibility is determined based on policy"

- Don Box, A Guide to Developing and Running Connected Systems with Indigo

"The 10 Principles of SOA, as expanded on the above 4 tenets, by Stefan Tilkov:

  • Explicit boundaries
  • Shared contract and schema, not class
  • Policy-driven
  • Autonomous
  • Wire formats, not programming language APIs
  • Document-oriented
  • Loosely coupled
  • Standards-compliant
  • Vendor-independent
  • Metadata-driven"

- Stefan Tilkov, innoQ

I've been using a combination of Anne's separation of concerns, Thomas Erl's principles and selected bits from the OASIS SOA-RM in the SOA class that I teach but the variations above look to be great fodder for some discussions! Tags: ,

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