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Thursday, April 19, 2007
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I had a chance to geek out over dinner with a couple of friends, Ken Laskey and Chris Bashioum, as well as a colleague of theirs (Rob Mikula) from MITRE. We got together to talk about SOA Governance since both Ken and Chris are fellow members on the OASIS SOA-RM TC and the three of them team teach a SOA course at MITRE that heavily leverages the SOA-RM.

Unsurprisingly, the conversation ranged across the board from SOA adoption, granularity of services, performance impact of composite services and possible ways to mitigate them, the role of the UDDI protocol, data model extensibility in Repositories, WS-Policy, Consent of the Governed and how it applies to SOA Governance, the role of a Center of Excellence in the adoption and operation of a SOA and more... :-)

A discussion that we were having also provided me with a way forward in something that I've been struggling with regarding the SOA course that I will be teaching for Johns Hopkins University. What type of project/exercise work can the students work on for the class? What Ken, Chris and Rob do in their two day class is to have their students work through a case study on integrating multiple information systems using a SOA approach. Given that I have a semester's worth of time, a case study with drill downs in specific and relevant areas running the gamut from governance and requirements to actual implementation of services could be very useful in driving home the lecture/discussion points while at the same time providing me with a mechanism to gauge if the students are actually grokking the information. Will have to give some serious thought on how to go about structuring this.

All in all, an immensely enjoyable evening!

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