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Saturday, June 20, 2009
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I had the opportunity last week to visit with the Beverly Hills Police Department as well as their CIO and his staff. My areas of discussion with them were primarily focused around Information Security and Identity and Access Management.

BH Found them to be a very impressive organization, from the technical infrastructure they have in place, their desire to leverage information technology for the benefit of their customer base (both government and residents), as well as the partnerships that they have forged across many different arenas.

It was particularly interesting to hear the comments from them about how they are a sought after employer by some very talented people because of the very interesting projects that they work on and the technologies that they get to utilize. As a technologist, I definitely enjoyed their data center tour as well as an overview of upcoming capabilities that they are working on. Very cool stuff.

Funniest moment: Walking back from lunch with the Chief of Police. Waiting to cross the street. A young guy in front of us starts to Jaywalk! Instant shout from the Chief "Hey, Hey, What are you doing?" It was like watching the guy hit a rubber band. Instant backpedaling back to the sidewalk with an mumble that he thought the light was green. Punch-line: Chief is in business clothes. Not in uniform. Sheer authority in voice got the response!

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