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Tuesday, May 23, 2006
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I had the opportunity to attend the SOA for E-Government Conference which is being held in Virginia.

The keynote speaker for today was Ron Schmelzer, the author of “Service Orient or Be Doomed! How Service Orientation Will Change Your Business” (Excellent Book, BTW!). I’ve interacted with Ron before in various virtual SOA communities before, so he actually recognized my name when I stood up to ask a question, which was flattering. And he must have thought my question was semi-intelligent since I got the book as a gift for asking a good/relevant question. I already have a copy, but since I do enjoy his work, I made sure that I got his autograph on the book :-)

Two other people that I ran into and ended up having a conversation around Standards and Profiling were Greg Lomow, co-author of “Understanding SOA with Web Services” (another book that I like), and Andrew Townley, who is currently the Principal Architect for the SOA backbone of the Irish Government’s  e-gov initiative, both of whom are currently with BearingPoint.

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