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Sunday, April 25, 2004
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[Changed my mind just this once, about Longhorn stuff. Only because it is from my favorite people @ the PAG]

The Developer Guide to Migration and Interoperability in "Longhorn" is a patterns & practices "Emerging Practice" that provides developers with a roadmap for how to start preparing for Longhorn today. It addresses these issues from two main vantage points. First, from an architectural perspective, it looks at considerations and decisions that are optimal for establishing an infrastructure for Longhorn applications. Second, from a development perspective, it delves into low-level coding recommendations for when and how to interoperate and/or migrate existing code. These recommendations include new best practices around managed/unmanaged code integration that are relevant to all mixed mode development. The recommendations also include deep discussion on the presentation layer, in terms of migration and interoperability, of Win32, ActiveX, and Windows Forms with the new presentation capabilities in Longhorn. 

Check it out @

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