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Sunday, March 9, 2008
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AbstractionAs part of my SOA class, we are currently going over some of the principles of service design. In particular, we were going over the principle of abstraction.  The example of technology abstraction that I used in class was a remote control.

The funny thing for me has been just recently my 10+ year old Pioneer AV receiver that is part of my home entertainment system finally started having problems after years of excellent service.  I had to replace it with a new Onkyo AV receiver that really has more options in it that I know what to do with. So I spent some time two nights ago, after the kids and wife had gone to bed, to swap out this component.  But the greatest thing for me was that when they went to watch TV and to listen to the radio the next day, they did not have to do anything differently!

Everything just worked using the same interface that they have always been used to, down to using the same key presses, because I had invested some time in consolidating my "service interface" to one programmable and extendable universal remote. So, the only additional thing I had done was to update the firmware in the remote control to now point to the new receiver on the back-end.

I would definitely consider this a practical example of the implementation of the principle of abstraction. tags: ,

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