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Thursday, November 1, 2007
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Cisco announced today that it is planning on acquiring Securent,  which is considered a leading vendor in the area of Entitlement/Fine Grained Authorization with deep support for XACML.

Securent_LogoMy initial thought after hearing about that this was that this would be a rather interesting and complementary match to their earlier acquisition of Reactivity, the XML Security Gateway vendor.  Would it not be sweet if the the Reactivity (now the ACE XML) Security Gateway could act as a Policy Enforcement Point that for the Securent supplied Policy Decision Point and even more could now natively understand XACML?

Then I read this blog entry by Phil Schacter of the Burton Group and learned that the acquisition is actually driven by Cisco's Cisco_logoCollaboration Software Group, which is looking to "... enhance its ability to provide some shared access control infrastructure for its growing portfolio of collaboration and unified communication offerings..". As noted in Phil's blog entry this acquisition is NOT driven by Cisco's Security  Technology Group which I presume has ownership of the NAC, VPN, network authentication product lines (which I assume is where the ACE XML Gateway product line lives). As he notes, it will be hard for Cisco to not focus exclusively on the business priorities of the Collaboration Software Group.

I personally would consider that to be a bad thing from the perspective of both the current Securent customers as well as folks from Enterprise's that are interested in Entitlement Management/Fine Grained Authorization.  Will be watching to see how this plays out.

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