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Sunday, September 2, 2007
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Service Component Architecture (SCA) is something that has been popping up on my radar for some time now, but I've been having a hard time getting a clear idea of what SCA is all about from the vendor presentations and from the specifications themselves.

In particular I was interested in how it relates to SOA and Web Services, but what I had heard to date and what I took away from the various presentations/readings made me put it on the back-burner as a "new application thing from a bunch of Java vendors". 

I just changed my mind on this after reading David Chappell's "Introducing SCA [PDF]" white-paper.  It is a clear, vendor-neutral and most excellent description of what SCA is all about and the various pieces that make up SCA. In particular it sets the stage for understanding how various vendors who jump on the SCA bandwagon may choose to focus on or implement one or more of the the pieces of what SCA is in total.

I would also add that if after reading the white-paper you are interested in the standardization efforts around SCA, to check out the OASIS OpenCSA efforts.

In short, as noted in the white-paper "The reality today is clear: Anyone who's interested in the future of application development should also be interested in SCA." Read!

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