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Sunday, July 1, 2007
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You don't get much! Rest with the small caps of course. The program starts (depending on whether or not you have something going on during breakfast) any time between 7 and 8:30 p.m. and goes on all the way through 6 p.m. Then there are networking and interoperability events that usually go on until 9 p.m. All in all, very full program with very little bit of slack or fluff.

Allrighty, now that I have made my lame joke, I did want to mention "REST Easy" workshop that was given by Pete Lacey.  I personally found it to be very enjoyable and educational. Pete is passionate, articulate and takes no prisoners on this topic.  You might as well have named the workshop "SOAP based web services are the spawn of evil and should be staked through the heart ASAP!" :-)

As I mentioned to Pete afterwards, I am not in the OR camp (i.e. WS-* OR REST) as I believe that there is a place for both. I also think that 10 years from now we will be using a strange fusion of the two approaches and arguing about something else! In any case, I do believe that REST offers definite potential benefits if you can wrap your head around it and learn how to apply its constraints correctly in building solutions. I, for one, intend to dedicate some time to do just that. You can never have enough tools in your toolbox!

UPDATE:  Humor often does not come through very well when writing (and the above, now crossed-out sentence, was meant to be humorous). But based on Pete's comments below, I want to make sure that the reader's of this blog posting do not get wrong impression. Significant portion (> 95%) of the time was spent on REST principles itself, examples of an actual REST solution with code samples and a lot more and not on picking on  WS-*. To think otherwise would be very unfair to Pete and that is not my intent at all. My only intent with the above comment was to note that if you believe the premise and the promise of REST as presented in the workshop, you will come away with an aversion to the complexity that is inherent in the current state of WS-*. Which of course is why I noted above that I would indeed be investing time in learning more about REST.

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Monday, July 2, 2007 10:00:02 AM (Eastern Daylight Time, UTC-04:00)
Now, be fair, Anil. There were some 80 slides in that deck plus running code. Only three addressed the SOAP-REST thing, and I rushed through those. Besides that, one of the bullets in those three slides read: "Someday, not today, WS-* might make a better MOM." The other 77 slides discussed REST in isolation.

Good to see you again, BTW.
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