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Wednesday, June 27, 2007
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I am attending the Burton Group Catalyst conference in San Francisco this week. Flew out on here on Monday and attended some workshops over the last couple of days on Identity Federation Technologies, Application Security and my personal favorite, Pete Lacey's workshop on REST.

Today is also the first day that I am feeling relatively human as over the last three days I've been suffering from what felt like all of the symptoms of a flu.  Liberal amounts of rest combined with regular dosages of various pain killers seem to have improved the situation. Which is a good thing since I am scheduled to give a case study presentation on Thursday:

SOA and Security: A Pattern-based Approach

A critical part of building out a SOA runtime infrastructure is the requirement to directly address the threats to message exchanges that exist in a non-benign environment. As JHU/APL is building out its SOA infrastructure for our GIG Testbed environment, we are taking a measured and hopefully realistic approach to web service security that is leveraging best practices from the community that are embodied in various security patterns.

To the greatest extent possible, we are mapping various applicable security patterns to physical implementations using components of a SOA runtime infrastructure such as mediation and web service management systems in combination with applicable security and WS-* standards. This presentation will provide an overview of this effort, with drill downs into some specific patterns and their corresponding implementations, as well as provide insight into some of the related but non-technical issues such as governance and building a community of practice around this effort.

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