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Thursday, November 16, 2006
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LOL!  From Pete Lacey at the Burton Group:

SG: [....] From here on in we pass around coarse-grained messages—you like that term, coarse-grained?. Messages that conform to an XML Schema. We call the new style Document/Literal and the old style RPC/Encoded.

Dev: XML Schema?

SG: Oh, it’s all the rage. Next big thing. Take a look.

Dev: (Reads XML Schema spec). Saints preserve us! Alexander the Great couldn’t unravel that.

SG: Don’t worry about it. Your tools will create the schema for you. Really, its all about the tooling.

Dev: How are the tools gonna do that?

SG: Well, they will reflect on your code (if possible) and autogenerate a compliant schema.

Dev: Reflect on my code? I thought it was all about documents, not serialized objects.

SG: Didn’t you hear me? It’s all about the tools. Anyway, we can’t expect you to write XML Schema and WSDL by hand. Besides, its just plumbing. You don’t need to see it.

Dev: Whoa, back up. What was that word? Wizzdle?

SG: Oh, haven’t I mentioned WSDL? W-S-D-L. Web Services Description Language. It’s how you specify the data types, parameter lists, operation names, transport bindings, and the endpoint URI, so that client developers can access your service. Check it out.

Dev: (Reads WSDL spec). I trust that the guys who wrote this have been shot. It’s not even internally consistent. And what’s with all this HTTP GET bindings. I thought GET was undefined.

SG: Don’t worry about that. Nobody uses that. Anyway, your tools will generate a WSDL, and in the WSDL will be the schema.

Dev: But shouldn’t it be the other way ‘round? Shouldn’t I design the contract first and then generate the code?

SG: Well, yeah, I guess that sounds right in principle. But that’s not so easy to do, and very few SOAP stacks support WSDL-first development. Just let the tools worry about it.

This is so darn funny, especially when you consider that it is so true! Go read the entire thing, please!

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