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Sunday, October 1, 2006
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I am in the process of helping to build and refine a Strategic Plan that is going to help provide clarity as we move out on a specific path. It is an interesting process in which you start with Outcomes that you would like to see happen, whether it is for your own organization or for your client/sponsor. Given a specific outcome that you would like to see, you have to define specific goals that will generate that outcome.

The issue that one often faces in this process is that it is all too easy to come up with generic, amorphous goals that sound good, but really don't accomplish much. An acronym that I've come across in my travels (I've seen it many places, so am not sure who to give credit to) when facing this issue is SMARTER.

Acceptable to those working to achieve the goals
Extending the capabilities of those working to achieve the goals

So, asking "Is this a SMARTER Goal?" is an important step that is really helping me narrow down goals that will in the end generate tasks that must be actionable.

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