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Tuesday, September 5, 2006
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I had the pleasure of giving a presentation on “SOA, Interoperability and Web Services” to the Central Maryland Association of .NET Professionals today. Very well organized event and a good crowd. Lots of familiar faces as well as new ones. Thanks to everyone who came out.  Just a quick note that links to web services interoperability resources that I mentioned during my talk can be found on the Resources section of the home page of this blog.

On a separate note, it would appear that my old friend Matt Fisher, who is the leader of the OWASP DC-Maryland Chapter and in attendance, is in no danger whatsoever of running out of work! :-) There was a section of the meeting where one of the sponsors of the meeting, a local placement agency, was asked what the hot areas of the local job market are. In particular he was asked if there was a demand for developers with application security skills in the MD-DC-VA area. The unfortunate and very disappointing answer was a resounding No! (Note to self: Find and subscribe to Matt’s Blog).

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