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Friday, September 1, 2006
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I had noted some time back how IBM donating its implementation of WSDM to Apache did not have much impact beyond good PR given the confusion that existed around the competing WSDM and WS-Management specifications and how any vendors that were working to support either of those specs in their tooling were holding off until the two specs were reconciled.

That reconciliation process is now moving forward and the first milestone out of that work has now been published. Here is a portion of the executive summary from that document:

On March 15, 2006, HP, Intel, IBM and Microsoft announced the intention to reconcile the WSDM and WS-Man specifications into a single standard for management of system resources using Web services. As the work reaches certain milestones, portions of it will be shared with the Web service community to solicit feedback. This document summarizes the first of these milestones: the publication of a first draft of Web Services Resource Transfer (WS-RT) specification, the publication of the Service Modeling Language specification and an update to the WS-Metadata Exchange (WS-MEX) specification.

The WSDM/WS-Man Reconciliation – Overview and Guidance document “… highlights the work to date on the management reconciliation roadmap and presents its status and resolutions in several ways. With a diverse set of parties interested in the progress of this work, the Migration document presents the status of the reconciliation work in a variety of levels of technical detail – ranging from a very high-level overview all the way down to a developer’s guide for code migration”.

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