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Thursday, August 31, 2006
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The SOA Magazine” is a new bi-monthly online publication, edited by Thomas Erl, “… dedicated to publishing specialized SOA articles, case studies, and papers by industry experts. The common criteria for contributions is that each explore a distinct aspect of service-oriented computing”.

The first issue is currently online and has the following three articles:

A Survey of the Technical Landscape
by Cyrille Thilloy

This article is the first in a series exploring the various technologies and options available to an enterprise when establishing a SOA roadmap. It introduces the notion of a SOA infrastructure in the enterprise and enriches it with the models and frameworks currently available to SOA implementers. By describing the typical SOA components and frameworks, it defines the baseline for the enterprise SOA. Subsequent articles will further explore the methodology for SOA governance based on the formal description of the service purposes...

SOA Infrastructure: Mediation and Orchestration
by Satadru Roy

A services development platform such as a Web services runtime stack or an application server may no longer be enough to support the complex infrastructure requirements of a services ecosystem. This is the first of a four-part series in which we'll examine the most common SOA infrastructure requirements, their various degrees of complexity and how organizations can take an incremental approach towards SOA infrastructure software adoption. We begin by covering two categories of SOA infrastructure requirements, mediation and orchestration...

An SOA Practices Checklist for Building Implementation Roadmaps
by Nitin Gandhi

It's been well documented how service-oriented computing can help organizations achieve strategic benefits that can ultimately result in streamlined IT environments and increased profit margins. However, to successfully carry out the process of incorporating SOA into an organizational environment requires that various IT groups be coordinated in an effort to adopt SOA in a standardized manner. This is where accepted practices become useful. This article provides a master list of common practices...

Looks to be a good read!

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