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Saturday, April 22, 2006
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Someone on one of the OASIS lists asked for a “SAML Elevator Pitch”. Eve Maler [Sun] pointed to her “SAML in a technical nutshell” [PDF] slide desk. Good read!

SAML in a technical nutshell:

  • XML-based framework for marshaling security and identity information and exchanging it across domain boundaries
    • Wraps existing security technologies rather than inventing new ones
    • Its profiles offer interop for a variety of use cases, but you can extend and profile it further
  • At SAML's core: assertions about subjects
    • Assertions contain statements: authentication, attribute, entitlement, or roll-your-own

Key use cases covered by SAML out-of-the-box:

  • Single sign-on
    • Using standard browsers
    • Using enhanced HTTP clients (such as hand-held devices) that know how to interact with IdPs but are not SOAP-aware
  • Identity federation
    • Using a well-known name or attribute
    • For anonymous users by means of attributes
    • Using a privacy-preserving pseudonym
  • Attribute services
    • Getting attributes that can be interpreted according to several common attribute/directory technologies
  • Single logout
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