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Thursday, November 10, 2005
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Back in June of this year (June 21–22), the W3C “… held a Workshop to gather and access experiences of using the XML Schema 1.0 Recommendation on 21-22 June at the Oracle Conference Center in Redwood Shores, CA, USA. More than 30 participants attended to represent diverse communities including end users and vertical standards organizations through to vendors and the W3C XML Schema Working Group. The participants shared implementation stories and expertise and considered ways to move forward in addressing XML Schema 1.0 interoperability, errata, and clarifications.”

As has been noted before, inconsistent support for the full subset of XML Schema in vendor web service toolkits is an issue that has been brought up time an again when it comes to web services interoperability. The practical experiences of the folks who came to the table for this workshop gives one great insight into this issue. 

Here are some pointers for you to check out:

In addition to the presentation powerpoints linked to from the above location, there are also more text based and detailed submissions to the workshop that are available on the W3C site. For example, a PDF version of WS-I’s submission.

There are some additional resources that came out of this effort that are important going forward:

In short, this is an awesome resource for folks who are into building interoperable web services.

P.S. My thanks go to Anne, who in responding to a question, pointed to some of the resources here.

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