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Thursday, August 25, 2005
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Security Engineering Index

This page provides an index to available and emerging guidance for patterns & practices Security Engineering. To build secure applications, security engineering activities must be an integral part of your software development practices. patterns & practices Security Engineering builds on, refines, and extends core life cycle activities to create security-specific activities. You can adopt these activities incrementally as you see fit. These security activities are integrated in MSF Agile, available with Visual Studio Team System. This provides tools, guidance, and workflow to help make security a seamless part of your development experience.

Security Guidance Index

This page provides an index of patterns & practices Security Guidance for applications. The resources include guides and books available on MSDN together with modular content of various types including scenarios and solutions, guidelines, explained, checklists, and How Tos.

Threat Modeling

This guidance presents the patterns & practices approach to creating threat models for Web applications. Threat modeling is an engineering technique you can use to help you identify threats, attacks, vulnerabilities, and countermeasures that could affect your application. You can use threat modeling to shape your application's design, meet your company's security objectives, and reduce risk.

Security How To Index

This page provides an index of patterns & practices Security How Tos organized using multiple views by categories. The "A Through Z" view at the bottom lists each How To in alphabetical order.

The security engineering index happens to be among my favorite security resources and the Security How-To Index is awesome!

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