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Sunday, July 10, 2005
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If you are into Contract-First web service development, this is definitely a must have tool. This is souped up version of the xsd.exe tool that comes with the framework.

XSDObjectGen is similar in purpose to the XSD.exe tool that ships with Visual Studio .NET.  The key difference is that XsdObjectGen creates sample code that can be used to explore the XML serialization attributes in the .NET framework.  The sample code that is generated also demonstrates a “contract first” approach to programming that eliminates the need to focus on XML for interop and classes for internal work.  The classes generated are fully supported .NET framework code, and there are no runtime libraries or licenses required beyond the normal .NET framework licensing terms.”

I am not sure if they updated the code-base for the tool since the initial release, but the associated documentation has been significantly updated with information on Schema-First development methodologies.  In particular, the support for popular XML schema structures has been updated as part of this tool. It “….Supports (inheritance, groups, abstract types, elements, attributes, complexType, simpleType, enumeration, any, anyType).  Limited support for “interesting” schema constructs (choice, substitution groups, complex type restriction, complex type extension using regular expressions).  No support for “questionable” schema constructs (union, redefine).”

In particular, I am looking forward to exploring the support for substitution groups (It is not as seamless as I would like, but is better than the lack of support that currently exists).

Check it out!

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