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Sunday, June 12, 2005
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Ever since I read the Pragmatic Programmer series of books, I have been a fan of automation. So the build process is one that I have tried to automate to the extent possible. The tool of choice for me in this case has been NAnt. At a high level, my build process consist of the following:

  • Clean up the existing directory structure
  • Prepare the directory structure
  • Get the source from my Source Control Provider
  • Build the solution
  • Run Unit Tests
  • and more...
Since the NAnt configuration file has to be manually coded, one of the challenges I was facing was to make sure that all of the details and dependencies of a multi-project Visual Studio solution were taken into account when I did the build and compile of the solution. In the past I've done the hand coding, or used Slingshot. But recently I've been using the <solution> task in NAnt and really like it.
In short, this particular NAnt task reads a VS.NET solution file, figures out all of the various project dependencies and does the build. Very nice.
Here is an example:

target name="build" description="Build the solution" depends="init">
    <solution configuration="${solution.config}" 
include name="${code.dir}\FirstProject\FirstProject.csproj"/>
            <include name="${code.dir}\AnotherProject\AnotherProject.csproj"/>
            <map url=http://localhost/AnotherProject/Another.csproj 
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