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Monday, June 6, 2005
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If you are a software developer and you are interested in making sure that your application is robust and secure, this is a MUST see & utilize resource!

The PAG ( patterns & practices ) folks have put online a resource that provides a view into their present and future deliverables around security engineering to application scenarios. The additional benefit is that the content is provided as a wiki so that the community can annotate, elaborate and contribute.

The security wiki is brought to you by the same folks who brought you "Improving Web Applicaton Security" and "Building Secure ASP.NET Applications" which are both great resources in their own right.

In their own words "This is where we think out loud. Here you’ll find emerging practices, guidance for application scenarios, security engineering, threat modeling, technical guidance and more. We’re looking for your experience, input and feedback to make this a useful resource for application security."

I've had the pleasure of working with the PAG folks on this effort.. I hope that you will also take this opportunity to contribute to making this security wiki a living, working resource that will improve the state of software security.

Check it out @ http://Channel9.Msdn.Com/Security

The topics discussed include everything from ApplicationSecurityMethodology to WebServerSecurity. The products and technologies cover everything from NETFrameworkSecurityHub to ASPNET2SecurityHub.  Some of the resources that are provided include SecurityChecklists (These are awesome, BTW!) to information about the SecurityBlocks.

Highly recommended!

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