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Saturday, June 4, 2005
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Excellent! Got a ping from Christian today that the latest version of WSCF is out! 

Find out more on Christian's blog entry and go through the updated walkthrough. The latest version of CoDe magazine has an article by Christian that showcases Contract First Web Services Dev using WSCF 0.5 as well.

One of the interesting things that I am looking forward to checking out, especially given my own trials and tribulations along these lines, is the new Web Services Help and Documentation page. According to the docs:

  • WSCF now provides a Web service help page that the user can use when going to the .asmx endpoint with his browser. In 0.4 code generation just disabled this ‘documentation’ feature.
  • The documentation page provides the same test and documentation features as the original one; but it disallows calling ?WSDL on the endpoint.
Also definitely looking forward to the WSDL round-tripping, and support for the <service> element.
I did not see if there were any support for SOAP faults in this version.. I don't think so as that would definitely be a feature that would be mentioned, so I'll look forward to that in a future release :-)
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