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Friday, September 10, 2004
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The Enterprise Development Reference Architecture is our reference architecture for creating a service-oriented architecture. Previously codenamed Shadowfax, it provides code and documentation on Microsoft’s recommendations for the architecture of enterprise-ready systems. This is Microsoft's most complete guidance to date on what a service-oriented architecture should really look like.

You can get more information online here.

This particular piece of architectural guidance is a very big deal for us; we really believe that it defines the future of application development. It’s the culmination of the work Pat Helland has been doing for the last couple of years. Pat is one of Microsoft’s “big thinkers” on architecture. Among other things, he created the architecture for Microsoft Transaction Server, laying out most of the concepts of a modern application server for the first time. Recently, he’s been focused on the concept of message passing as a basis for building heterogeneous systems.

Locally, we have a seminar next week that will cover many of these concepts. It’s being presented by one of our local regional directors, Vishwas Lele of AIS, and the title is Understanding Service-Oriented Architecture. It will start with an overview of the SOA concept, and then drill down in detail into the Shadowfax architecture.

This seminar will be in the DC Office on Wednesday, September 15th, at 9:00 AM. Registration is here.

I do SO wish that I could go to this one, especially because of the topic in question as well as the presenter. Vishwas Lele, who is one of our local RDs, was one of my fellow presenters at DevDays 2004 and did a great job.  I am sure he will do a bang up job here as well.  Unfortunately I have a prior commitment :-(
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