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Friday, June 4, 2004
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This article published on MSDN discusses various approaches to solving eight key challenges faced by companies when implementing a service-oriented architecture.

The challenges as described are:

  1. Service identification. What is a service? What is the business functionality to be provided by a given service? What is the optimal granularity of the service?
  2. Service location. Where should a service be located within the enterprise?
  3. Service domain definition. How should services be grouped together into logical domains?
  4. Service packaging. How is existing functionality within legacy mainframe systems to be re-engineered or wrapped into reusable services?
  5. Service orchestration. How are composite services to be orchestrated?
  6. Service routing. How are requests from service consumers to be routed to the appropriate service and/or service domain?
  7. Service governance. How will the enterprise exercise governance processes to administer and maintain services?
  8. Service messaging standards adoption. How will the enterprise adopt a given standard consistently?
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