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Wednesday, April 14, 2004
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Gary McGraw, author of "Exploiting Software" posted the following recently to the SC-L mailing list:

The April 2004 issue of Information Security Magazine contains an article I wrote on the future of software.  It is adapted (pretty heavily) from Exploiting Software and identifies seven trends that will help you understand how software is evolving and how this evolution will impact security. You can view the article at,295796,sid6_iss366_art684,00.html

At 12:00PM EST on Thursday of this week (4/15), I will conduct a live webcast titled "Best Practices for Software Security. According to the hype, l will offer "exclusive training tips for software developers, architects and testers as well as providing security strategies managers can use to make the smartest technology choices." Righto.  Anyway, you can pre-register for the webcast at If you miss the live event, you'll still be able to view the webcast on demand by visiting,295024,sid14,00.html

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