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Wednesday, February 25, 2004
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Here's the link [1] to Foundstone's free security tools for Assessment, Forensics, Intrusion Detection, Scanning and Stress Testing.



The list of tool is pretty extensive:

Assessment Utilities
  Fpipe™ v2.1
Forensic Tools
  Pasco v1.0
  Galleta v1.0
  Rifiuti v1.0
  NTLast™ v3.0
  Forensic Toolkit™ v2.0
  ShoWin™ v2.0
  BinText™ v3.0
  PatchIt™ v2.0
  Vision™ v1.0
Intrusion Detection Tools
  IPv4Trace v1.0
  Carbonite™ v1.0
  FileWatch™ v1.0
  Attacker™ v3.0
  Fport™ v2.0
Scanning Tools
  SuperScan™ v4.0
  MydoomScannerCheck for MyDoom Worm v1.0
  MessengerScan v1.05
  SQLScan v1.0
  BOPing™ v2.0
  ScanLine™ v1.01
  Trout™ v2.0
  DDosPing™ v2.0
  SNScan™ v1.05
  CIScan v1.0
  RPCScan v2.03
Stress Testing Tools
  FSMax™ v2.0
  Blast™ v2.0
  UDPFlood™ v2.0


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