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Sunday, February 22, 2004
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I saw this some time back on Chris Sells's web site [1] and have applied it successfully to avoid the online version of the "Foot in Mouth" syndrome. I just wish I had known about this earlier in my career, as there are things I could have avoided :-)

It is a way to defer sending of an E-Mail for 2 Minutes under Outlook.

  • Tools->Rules Wizard
  • New
  • Start From A Blank Rule
  • Check messages after sending
  • Which condition(s) do you want to check? -> None
  • This rule will be applied to every message you send. Is this correct? -> Yes
  • What do you want to do with this message? -> defer delivery by a number of minutes
  • a number of minutes -> 2
  • Finish
I had mentioned the rule to others and recently a friend of mine asked me if there was a way to override this rule for specific circumstances. Ex. Sending an e-mail to yourself from work to home, or sending a quick note to a friend etc.
Yes, there is:
  • Create a Category in Outlook called "SendMailNow"
  • Modify the rule such that it applies only if the mail is marked with that category.
  • Attach a category to the message you want sent immediately by going to
    New Message > View > Options > Category Selection Box.
Since attaching the category is a multi-step process and is NOT the default action, hopefully it is something that you employ only on an as-needed basis.  Of course, if you find yourself using that option for every single E-Mail, you should probably NOT implement the rule exception :-)

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