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Sunday, February 22, 2004
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The Microsoft Architecture Update is a newsletter for business, applications, infrastructure, and technology architects with essential information on current publications, events, and discussions. It is published every other month via email.

The current issue (February 13, 2004) [1] has the following topics:

One interesting tidbit from the newsletter is a link to the Microsoft EMEA Architects Journal [2]. According to the blurb "... It will be a platform for thought leadership on a wide range of subjects on enterprise application architecture, design, and development. Authors will discuss various business and "soft" concerns that play a key role in enterprise systems development. It will provide a unique source of information previously unavailable through any other Microsoft offering."
Very interesting and relevant content.
Note to Editor:  Proof read! Ex. The link to the online version from the Email version went to a domain called msdnprod. I am sure that works from within MS, but does not from elsewhere :-)  Hopefully these are simple growing pains which are more than offset by the quality content.
Check it out and subscribe Online [1]

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