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Tuesday, December 2, 2003
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Two new Security newsletters from Microsoft coming soon. You can sign up for the IT/Dev or Consumer versions at the Microsoft Subscription Center:

Microsoft Security Newsletter
This monthly newsletter is the authoritative information source for understanding the Microsoft security strategy and priorities. Written for IT professionals, developers, and business managers, it provides links to the latest security bulletins, FAQs, prescriptive guidance, community resources, events, and more.

Microsoft Security Newsletter for Home Users
This bimonthly newsletter offers easy-to-follow security tips, FAQs, expert advise, and other resources that help you enjoy a private and secure computing experience.

If you subscribe to the TechNet or the MSDN newsletters currently, you'll probably receive one copy of the technical newsletter as a special edition. This newsletter has some great content for anybody who's interested in security, so I would encourage anyone interested in that topic to sign up.
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