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Tuesday, November 18, 2003
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Came across this on TechNet:

"Microsoft advocates the use of a defense-in-depth approach to security to protect against the increasing number of worms, viruses, and malicious attackers.

A defense in depth approach involves applying countermeasures at every layer of the computer network—from the perimeter routers and firewalls to the end users' personal computers running Microsoft Windows to reduce the impact of unpatched systems.

The items represented here have been identified as some of the most helpful and authoritative guidance that Microsoft has provided in these categories. Implementing countermeasures at each of the levels described in this document will help ensure the ongoing security of your network."

There are detailed guidance on the following categories:

  • Perimeter Defenses
  • Network Defenses
  • Host Defenses
  • Application Defenses
  • Data Defenses

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