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Monday, November 17, 2003
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CryptoAPI, also known as CAPI, helps application developers to make simpler and more effective use of the cryptography and key management features that are provided by the Microsoft® Windows® operating system. The generic CryptoAPI calls allow Windows to manage cryptographic and X.509 version 3 certificate functions in a well-constructed and tested environment. This environment helps prevent attacks against the sensitive cryptographic data and functions.

Because CryptoAPI provides generic cryptographic services, programmers can use the CryptoAPI functions in a variety of ways to accomplish different tasks. Although this provides a benefit to the programmer who is thoroughly familiar with CryptoAPI and cryptography, there are often implementation problems in how the applications use these application program interfaces (APIs). In addition, not all applications can report accurate and detailed errors when CryptoAPI returns anything other than a successful completion result. As a result, applications that use CryptoAPI are often difficult to troubleshoot. CryptoAPI Monitor (CAPIMON) is designed specifically to address this issue by allowing the administrator to monitor an application’s CryptoAPI calls and the results. CAPIMON can be used to troubleshoot errors in X.509 version 3 certificate chain building and revocation. It cannot be used to troubleshoot cryptographic service providers (CSP), cryptographic routines, and digital signature operations which are also part of CryptoAPI.

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